Finishing up.. whoa!

Official close of service (COS) Friday. My friend Julie and I have reserved our flights for Jamaica. I’ll be getting back to Kansas March 11th.

Also, I mailed a box to Edel with all my recuerdos (sourvenirs). It will be in Chicago when I move into our new apartment March 17th. which we also signed the lease for TODAY.

A lot is happening here. We are in Panama City finalizing everything for the Peace Corps Office. Had to get medically cleared to return to US. That involved a urine sample, three stool samples, blood drawn, and a physical examination… Im all healthy!

We also have all these meetings with different bosses, and all these reports to write. I finished all my reports last night so I have to have the country director sign one thing more and I’m offically done. whooooot!

Friday I will be hanging out at the Hard Rock Cafe pool.

Monday we are flying out of Panama for the last time. Sure I’ll visit in the future, but it will be a while before I get to see my 2nd home again.


Leaving Panama - 5 days

Arriving to Kansas - 13 days

Moving to Chicago - 19 days


My PanaSister had a baby Thursday.

Jose Miguel is 2 hours old in these pictures. He was crying for the pic but he quieted down pretty quickly. Mother and Baby are healthy and resting.


World Map Project at Guarumal School

Step 1: paint the background light blue.

Step 2: Trace the countries with Becca using the projector.




Step 3: Paint countries different colors.



Step 4: Border.

Step 5: Label countries with Spanish names.


Step 6: Title!


Step 7: Make my mark!

Step 8: Clear coat to make it LAST FOREVER.

Finally Finished!


Summer English Class Graduation

Finished up my summer English classes today. I ended up having two classes, beginner and advanced. There were a total of 10 classes. They  worked so hard and had a lot of fun! I’m very proud of all of them. We celebrated this morning by picking up trash around the community, handing out certificates, watching videos, playing ninja, and eating arroz con pollo (Chicken and rice) and potato salad.


17 days until I leave Guarumal.

 22 days until official COS (Close of Service).

32 days until I leave Panama and I’m home!

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